Friday, September 2, 2011

Where the legacy begins....

Before I begin posting all the photos from the last few months and officially previewing everything, I think a little background on how this all started is in order. :)

This past year has been a year for the record books. I have experienced more in the last few months than I could ever express in one little blog. I first began my photography journey on my cell phone. Snapping a few photos here and there of the kids I nannied and then sharing them with family and friends. I had always received positive feedback from everyone and heard multiple times that I should pursue this industry. It was the arrival of my niece, Brooklyn, which inspired me to begin taking photos. My sister-in-law, Jenna, and I thought it would be fun to do a mock photo shoot of Brooklyn to capture her adorable features (and also because she was growing so fast!) So my Mom, Jenna, and I set up a fun Easter/ Spring shoot in the back yard just to mess around. Some of our first photos looked like this:

The more she grew, the more photo shoots we knew we needed to have. (Of course, it was a lot of fun for Jenna, my Mom and me!) It was always such a great bonding moment for the three of us. We had to work as a team and coordinate it just right around Brooklyn....because "Whatever Brooklyn wants, Brooklyn gets!" When I expressed that I was serious about becoming a photographer, Jenna was one of my biggest supporters. She started giving me all the credit for the photos I took and continues to coordinate shoots for me to accommodate my growing portfolio. (But who would be apposed to hanging out with and shooting that precious little one?!)

During a shoot one afternoon, my mom had rocked Brooklyn to sleep and laid her on their bed. We had the great idea of having Brooklyn hold her Mom's wedding right while she slept.  It was so cute we kept adding rings. First MY mother's and then MY grandma's. So Brooklyn ended up holding three generational rings. Her Mom's, Her Nani's, and her Great-Grandma's. As we sat and viewed the photos, we discussed how pretty the rings were and how precious the shot was of her holding the heirloom rings.

The three of us at once: "HEIRLOOM PHOTOGRAPHY! THAT'S IT!"

And so it was born. We had been searching for the name for a while and nothing sounded right. AFter my great-grandma and grandmother passed away, I had fallen in love and had become so sentimental with their heirloom pieces. So once I had heard it, I knew it was perfect.

Heirloom Photography: Making Memories to last throughout the generations.

Brooklyn sitting in a hand painted family heirloom.


  1. Looking forward to watching you grow as an artist and to our October photo shoot

  2. I Absolutely Love The Photos of Brooklyn. Such talent, JB!